Toddler Program

october 2019

After reviewing our observations we recognized that the children in the toddler program were curious about the small vehicles in our room; perhaps their movement is what intrigues them? To explore this further we set up a mural painting with cars experience. During this time we noticed ‘C’ show us something that we hadn’t seen before.

This is the first time ‘C’ has volunteered to join in on a small group experience like this. He sat quietly, observing closely, holding his two favorite cars. He watched the other children put their cars in the paint, ‘C’ seemed unsure, and held his cars tight. At the same time, he saw two children pushing the car back and forth, a social connection he desired to be a part of. This inspired ‘C’ to engage with the educator, imitating his peers, he pushed the car to me and said “GO”. It was wonderful to watch ‘C’ build on his social connections!

Yue Zhu RECE, Emily Chepil RECE