Toddler Program

April 2019

As our fascination and learning about donuts continues, we have turned our room into a donut shop! The children have been making donuts in all types of ways, including baking real donuts to share with our families!

On Monday morning, Liam asked if he could paint. After getting out some paint and paper, Liam right away knew what he was going to paint – "a big donut!" Liam has been working on making circles with many different writing utensils since he has been so interested in donuts. Pictured, Liam paints with a fine tip paint brush and water colours, making circles on his paper.

“I’m making a big donut!” - Liam

“I’m making a sprinkle donut!” – Emmersyn

“I’m making a chocolate donut” – Eloise

“My mommy and daddy are going to be so happy” - Liam

Tawni Johnston RECE, BA.BED

Emily Chepil RECE