School Age Program

may 2022

Looking down into a puddle I notice tiny bubbles surfacing from a small divot in the pavement. I was captivated, calling the children over to investigate with me.

What could be making these little bubbles?

The children gathered around squatting to get a better look.

P: “Something breathing” moving the water trying to flush out what might be in the divot.

D: “There is tiny, tiny ones…so tiny we can’t even see them.”

G: “OH! Some more lots!”

J: “A worm” After he noticed a worm in another puddle.

C: “I don’t know what it could be…something breathing?

G: "You breath in water, bubbles show up, so maybe a tiny ant or something is breathing under the water making bubbles….”

D: “Maybe a person is trapped under there…there is definitely has to be something to make the bubble come out…”

The children gathered for a few more minutes, gently placing their fingers into the puddle trying to see if they could see or move what was making the little bubbles. After they moved on, returning later to see of the bubbles were still there. There was no conclusion as to what it could be, but it was interesting to hear all the different theories.

What do you think was making the tiny bubbles?