Toddler Program

January 2022

So many neat explorations are happening!

It starts off with exploring scissor which was sparked by 'W' grabbing a pair off the art shelf and approaching Rachelle with them (we have just recently added new ones to our art shelf). This caught the attention of 'J.D'., 'A', 'C' and 'J.K'. who all worked hard on exploring how to open and close them both on and off the paper. 'A' was really focused on how they worked while the rest were exploring how to create little snips on the edge of their paper and were very proud of how successful they were. Nice job friends! ????

The exploration of how to fit items and materials into each other continues to be something we are exploring in a variety of different ways. Today was a very creative and unique way, as 'J.K.' discovered that the crayon magically fitted into the peg boards and quickly filled all of the holes up. 'Z' stood beside him watching in excitement “Oh look!”- as he quickly handed him more. The excitement quickly caught more attention of other peers as they rushed over to explore this neat discovery. Very creative 'J' ????

The same exploration continued to happen across the room, however it was with blocks and tubes. As 'L' and 'J.D.' were observed connecting blocks at the block table 'L' ran across the room and grabbed a tube, he then proceeded to place it in the table and put blocks down it once it was half full, he lifted up the tube and much to his surprise they all came out. 'J' quickly jumping in on this exploration and handed and added more blocks in the tube. Nice teamwork boys ????

“Oh wow look!”- 'L' as he pointed down the tube and lifted it up to reveal the block at the bottom

“Oh again down, down!”- 'J.D.' as he grabbed more block to put down. “More fast!”

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE