Toddler Program

June 2023

As an extension on planting and gardening with the children, we have been exploring the story Jack and The Beanstalk. This sparked the children's interest in using loose parts to create a "beanstalk". After gathering items to build their beanstalk, collaboratively, we glued the pieces together. Each child added their own piece to it, watching it grow taller and taller; “its big,” “super super big!” The children measured how big/tall it was by holding their arms out as wide as possible. “Fee-fi-fo-fum and there is gonna be a castle at the top and then a big GIANT!” The children were excited to see their completed structure! The children then decided to paint their beanstalk by carefully choosing colours from a paint palette. The children worked in harmony creating their finished 3D representation of a "beanstalk".

Jessica Chikoski, RECE

Natasha Agostino, RECE