School Age Program

september 2023

The children in the after-school Program have been very intrigued with bugs. They have taken to digging in the sandbox and the grassy dirt to find insects of all kinds. They have found slugs, spiders, beetles, grasshoppers, and even a couple of bees. This started with just a couple of children collecting bugs outside and keeping them in a bucket—slowly it built to every child in the program taking an interest in finding bugs. They have begun to make little ecosystems for the insects to live in during the hour or two that we’re outside in the afternoons. They’ve put together grass, flowers, sometimes even a little bit of leftover snack to feed these bugs and keep them happy in their containers. The children have learned a lot this month about insects, what they need to live, and even the specific names of certain bugs thanks to a quick Google searching. We have been adding to their interest by adding plastic bugs to our light table along with tweezers and magnifying glasses and different books and media for sketching. Stay tuned for what else the children discover!

Keara Fiest, BA, BEd

Swati Sharma, Educator

Abby Skok, Educator