School Age Program

march 2022

'C' has been showing a high interest in 'O's paper airplanes he has been making for himself. 'C' grabs a piece of paper to make his own but begins to feel frustrated “I don’t know how to do it” he says. 'O' notices that 'C' is getting frustrated, “I can help you” he says. 'C' gives him his piece of paper to show him how it’s done. 'O' folds the paper in half “like this first” he instructs 'C'. 'C' goes to get his own piece of paper to copy what 'O' is doing. He folds his own paper in half, then folds the corners of the halves to make triangles which then makes a paper airplane. 'C' is so proud of himself for completing the task, “look what I made!” he says in excitement then begins throwing the plane around the gym. It was wonderful to see 'O' using peer mentorship to help 'C' through his frustration.

Hailee King RECE

Cassandra Sheedy ECE