School Age Program

July 2022

It was a beautiful, sunny day outside. Perfect for a trip to the Marina! We were able to enjoy the splash pad and the playground that the park had to offer. We started our adventure with a walk to the Marina. It was a hot day, so the children were eager to cool off at the splash pad! As soon as we got to the Marina, the children spotted the splash pad. “I see it!” they shouted. We found a picnic table to place our things on and jumped right in! We got to the Marina a little early, so the children were patiently waiting for the sprinklers to come on. They laid and ran through the water together. “Let's play tag!”. A group ran off to play tag, laughing as they ran through the water. It was almost time for the sprinklers! They counted down the minutes until the sprinklers started. “Zero minutes left everyone!”. Then the sprinklers started! The children screamed as they stood under the waterfalls. Everyone had a blast and enjoyed the water! We they dried off to have lunch before heading to the playground. The children were excited to start playing! They sprinted straight to the climber. They were excited to use the swings and the intricate climbing structure. After a bit of playing, the children began to get hot so we headed back to the daycare. The children were relieved when they got back and were able to relax. We ended up spending 3 hours at the Marina! The children and educators had such a fun time. We are all looking forward to our next field trip!

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Miranda Lange RECE, Jen Kesner RECE