Getting Involved

We encourage parents & guardians to get involved in the children's education. You are welcome to participate in the daily program or to simply visit your child throughout the day. We also run multiple formal evenings to which you are invited as well as workshops and group meetings.

Field Trips

When trips are planned to special places of interest, a notice will be sent home in advance giving information of the destination, date and times of departure and arrival. The notice will also include a permission slip to be signed and returned by the parent/guardian, who are always welcome to accompany their child on such trips.

Program Development

Programs are evaluated regularly to reflect changes in the Child Care and Early Learning Years Act, 2014 Licensing Standards and reflect current ideologies in Early Childhood Education. Workshops are offered for both staff and parents to review program content.

Our website is updated monthly to keep our families and the community aware of the upcoming workshops being offered. You can also return to this site to be updated on current programming, topics of interest, high-light events and more. We encourage you to visit it regularly to keep informed.