Infant Program

may 2021

After snack some of the children started pointing out the window and saying “trees” and “caw!” This is what they have indicated when they would like to go for a walk as those are things we have found while exploring our community. Today was the first time that ‘B’ was able to join a morning walk and ‘S’s second time joining us. When we asked the children if they would like to go for a walk all the children rushed to get their stuff from their cubbies. As we were getting ready to go outside, we talked about how we were going to show ‘S’ and ‘B’ all the things the rest of the group has discovered over these past few months.

On our walk we revisited the construction on the Edward St. bridge, watching as the machines moved all the pieces of the bridge to the dump trucks. We then made our way down the riverside to explore the trees. We stopped under the tree branches to just look up at all the scattered branches and the changes that spring has brought to the once bare trees. We arrived at some branches that were low enough to touch, “What does that feel like?” “What do you see on the branches?”

As we walked under the bridge the children revisited yelling words up into the cement pillars that supported the bridge “AHH!” “HELLO!” We then stopped and sang the “Mr. Sun” song just as we did with the group when they first discovered how different things sound under the bridge. After we finished singing, we stood in silence to see what we could hear. “Car,” “water,” and “airplane” were the words the children said as they looked around for a visual connection to what they were hearing.

To finish off our walk we made our way to the tree area just past the underpass where the birds like to hangout. It did not take long to hear the familiar “CAW CAW!” sound coming from a nearby tree. As the children scanned all the trees, they quickly spotted a lone crow sitting on a treetop. Some of the children started cawing back to the crow while others waved and observed it.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE

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