Infant Program

august 2023

“No more monkey’s jumping on the bed”, sings Hailee as she shakes her finger.

“No no monkey’s” exclaim the children.

As you may know, “5 little monkeys” has been a hit in our program! Each time we sit down to sing with the storyboard, the children all gather and sit nicely on the floor to listen. They have also been working on some of the actions to go with the songs and seem very proud of themselves. We have set up a felt board for the children to use with 5 little monkeys and a bed.

Gathering with the children at the carpet is a wonderful way to connect as a group as well as individually, it helps the children to foster a sense of belonging when we are all doing the same actions to a song or when they hear their names called to choose something off the board. We look forward to strengthening these bonds!

Hailee King RECE

Madi Osborne, Educator