Toddler Program

April 2024

The language of mechanics!

In keeping with the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ theme of Earth Day, the children have continued their explorations around ‘fixing’ things. They have been actively involved in their interpretation of ‘fixing’; including helping clean the easel, wiping tables (with soapy cloths) and sweeping up sand off the floor.

This morning’s ‘fix it’ task was a little more specific. One of our new dustpans was found broken on the floor. Oh no! What happened to it? The response from one of the children was “I put my foot on it”.

So how can we fix the dustpan? What do we need to fix it?

The children’s immediate response was “Tape!”

Which tape do we need? “Green tape!”

The children were quick to find the green tape, as well as the clear tape that we use to fix our books. The clear tape did prove to be a bit of a challenge for the children, as it’s very sticky texture made it difficult to handle. Smaller pieces were offered to help the children be more successful.

The green tape (painter’s tape) was more user-friendly for the children since they were able to cut it themselves with the scissors. They took a lot of pride in being able to help fix the dustpan themselves.

Will the repairs hold? We will have to wait and see! The sandbox has also continued to be a popular destination in the room. The sand has given them lots of opportunities to dig and pour. Not to mention the initiative to want to clean the sand up off the floor!

I wonder what other materials we can offer the children to extend their explorations with the sand?

Smriti Bhoray ECE BEd BA in special education, Don McMahon RECE