Toddler Program

february 2022

Rachelle brought in tracks for the children to build and use with their cars. Right away Z, H, E, C and A came over to see the new tracks and wasted no time exploring how to fit/ connect them together. Z, H and C knew immediately how they worked and started to build first little sections and then connected them together to create a big long track! E was quite content handing pieces to her peers and then using her car to drive along the track. A was very focused on exploring how the pieces fit together as he first stacked then and then watched what his peers were doing. This then supported him to try to connect them together, what a great moment of peer role modeling???? As the tracks continued H, A, W and J moved on to exploring other items they could roll/ move their cars on. As they rolled them across the tunnel H and A noticed the different shaped holes and begun exploring what cars could and couldn’t fit into them. These explorations have been something that we have continued to explore in different areas of our room in variety of different ways (Connecting, Spatial awareness and exploring length and distance). Some of the cars fit and some didn’t however there was one hole on top of the tunnel that none of the cars fit into. Carissa questioned “What can fit in there?” H and J looked around the room as they frantically tried to find something. H quickly ran over to the tracks and broke off a piece. “Kiss look fit!”- as he excitingly placed it down the hole. J watched and then grabbed a piece of his own and did the same as he looked though the hole he dropped it into “Look ya”.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE