Toddler Program

march 2022

The children been exploring movement by using different materials in their environment. One of the things they have been exploring is balls. We brought out one of our tablecloths and gathered all the balls onto the sheet then the children grabbed the sides of the sheet and threw them up in the air! The children screamed and giggled trying to catch the balls or running under the sheet as it fell. We’ve explored this experience many times using our sheet! We then borrowed a parachute from the school and collaborated with the infant program and brought the big parachute into their room.

The children reached and grabbed a handle and began to shake it back and forth using their whole body! We counted down 3,2,1 and lifted the parachute up watching the colourful fabric wave and roll as the children pulled on it. 'G' enjoyed being underneath as the fabric moved above his head. We repeated this motion a few times before we all stood up and moved it higher! The children ran underneath yelling and reaching for the fabric excitedly. We wonder what they were all thinking - was the fabric soft? Hard? Was it heavy? Light? We wondered ….

Sayshell Brown RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE