Preschool Program

June 2022

Yesterday during lunch time, the preschool children reflected on the “alien eggs” that they collected earlier that morning. This reflection caused a HUGE conversation about aliens and on where they come from and what we should do if we see one.

“They run on the moon” said 'T'

“When they are on the roof, we need to run away” said 'M'

“If we are on the moon and the alien’s are on the moon, we need to jump off and go into space” said 'C'.

“We need an astronaut to drive the rocket ship. We find astronauts in California” said 'T'

“If we jump off the moon, we should jump to earth and land in water” said 'C'

Since this conversation, the children have been very interested in collecting more “alien eggs” around our environment. The children have also been very interested in collecting as many eggs as they can and implementing them into our classroom!

Due to this interest, we decided to go on a community walk to see if we can find any more eggs in our outdoor environment! We took several stops along the way for the preschoolers to observe the different trees, leaves, and seeds! The children also had many ideas and theories on which each leaf/seed is for!

*Observing the leaves on a tree* “This is a cedar tree!” said 'S'

“These are army worms” said 'L'

*Noticing the different shades on the cedar leaves* “Hmmm…I’m trying to think…maybe goldfish crackers rubbed on the leaves and made it yellow” said 'O'

Natasha Agostino RECE

Emily Merenda RECE

Cassandra Sheedy Early Childhood Educator