Toddler Program

march 2023

As the months have gone by, the children have been expanding their horizon of areas where they can strengthen their self help skills. In February the children began to grab each other’s water bottles throughout the day and “set up the table” for our mealtimes. Today they expanded their skills by asking to put the placemats on the table. With some verbal prompts and guidance they successfully put a placemat in front of each chair for our morning snack. Word of this new opportunity got out to the rest of the group following their initiative and now everyone requests to have a turn to set up the tables. After each table was set up, the children took pride in showing their peers where they put their “spot” and had ear to ear smiles the entire time.

As the children’s confidence levels heighten we will continue to foster and support their interests in developing a space that they took part in creating.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Manpreet Kaur BSc, BEd, MEd