Admission & Registration Policies


The Schoolhouse Playcare Centre provides services for the children and parents who are residents of the surrounding community. An interview is arranged to familiarize parents/guardians and child with the environment, answer questions and complete admission forms prior to enrollment. A non-refundable registration fee is required in order to secure a space for your child in the fall.

Depending on each child's individual needs, the introductory Program may include:

  • Introductory visit ( home and/or centre)
  • the parent/guardian spending time with the child at the centre
  • gradual withdrawals of such support until all involved are satisfied with the child's comfort level with in the program. 

registration process and wait list

All families interested in childcare at Schoolhouse Playcare Centre must place themselves on the online registry for childcare in Thunder Bay, the website for this is .

The website is accessed by our management staff when a space becomes available in one of our programs. First priority goes to families already enrolled in Schoolhouse, ex. If a toddler spot opens up, children who are of age from the infant program would move into that spot before we go to the wait list. When we go to the wait list we start going through names from the families that have been waiting the longest, we will contact you either by phone or email or both, if you do not contact us back within two business days we will continue on to the next person.

Upon being a successful candidate, we will meet with you for a site visit and overview of philosophy, as well as policy and procedures, all of which is available on our website . If you are confident that this is the childcare that you would like for your child, you can fill out registration forms and ensure that all forms are filled out in their entirety then handed back to staff before your child’s start date.

The waitlist waits can be long, and although we can tell you where you are on the waitlist we cannot estimate when there may be a spot for your child.

Thank you for considering Schoolhouse Playcare Centre as an option for your child. 


Registration will be for a 10 month period. Children registered for the 10 month period will have the option to enroll for a summer program which runs based on the need.


In the case of a scheduled hospitalization, at least two weeks written notice and a doctor's note is required.

In the case of an unscheduled/emergency hospitalization, immediate notification to the Director and a subsequent doctor's note will be required.

In both cases no parental fees will be charged for the period of the hospitalization.

Sick Days

There are no short term sick days.


The child must be enrolled for a minimum of three times per week and have been in the program for a least one full year (which includes the summer program). In addition to timed closures of the centre, the child is entitled to two weeks of holidays. Written notice must be provided on the first of the month, a minimum of one month in advance of the scheduled holiday and the child's space will be saved at no charge. 

Withdrawal Policy

Written notice of permanent withdrawal should be given two weeks in advance. This will enable us to accommodate children on our waiting list. If notice is not received, full Program fee will be charged.