School Age Program

may 2023

The school-age children have been using cups to create different kinds of towers and structures. They have been sharing their ideas and learning from one another how to achieve different heights and styles.

One day we noticed two children who both wanted to use the cups to build a tower, they first decided to split the cups evenly so they both had the same amount of cups. As they started to build, one of the children said “What if we combined our cups to make a giant tower?” Both children agreed on the idea and began building together. They ran into some challenges along the way because the wind kept knocking their cups down. “Let's go over there, maybe there will be less wind.” With some problem solving and trial and error they moved to an area where the wind was blocked saving their tower from falling down.

It was interesting seeing all the different and unique ways the children made use of their materials and how it expanded beyond just stacking cups.

Alesha Spirka, ECE

Abby Skok, Educator