Preschool Program

June 2022

This morning Lolo kept a group inside to do a small group experience using plasticine to create illustrations. We have been exploring modelling medias and techniques throughout the year using playdough, salt dough, cloud dough, sand, moon sand, clay, and 3D representations. As an added challenge and a way to provoke and extend the children’s idea, we introduced plasticine as a medium to create illustrations. The inspiration for this experience came from an author by the name of Barbara Reid who specializes in these techniques for her children’s book. This experience was more successful than we ever could have imagined.

We began first by looking at a book on You Tube (Lolo forgot the paper copy at home. We will revisit it tomorrow) The children just stood and watched while listening to the story. Lolo provoked this experience by saying, “Do you notice anything about the pictures in this story that are different from our other stories we have in the room?” At first, the answer was a resounding “no '' Lolo then encouraged the children to look closely at the pictures on the computer and then had them reference the typical drawn illustrations in a different book. V pointed to the computer and said “These don’t look the same Lolo'' Lolo replied “you’re right…what is different about it?” A and V said “I don’t know?” Lolo encouraged them to look really closely and then reference the materials we had on the table “Do you see anything on the table that may look like the pictures in the book?” R looked at the table and said “The playdough!” This discovery set the spark for our experience.

We began with a piece of paper, and as we have been, we encouraged the children to create their plan first. To sit down to create with intentionality. A, C, V, R, I, and O joined Lolo for this experience. The children immediately began to reach for the plasticine, Lolo encouraged them to slow down, think about the process, and spend some time making a plan first. A said “I want to make a robot” “Me too” replied R. O said “I want to make a purple princess” I said “I want to make a rainbow with a sun” V said “I made a bear house, this is the dark cave where the bears sleep” C said “I want to make a unicorn!” When their plans were done, Lolo modelled on her own tile, the techniques used to make these illustrations focusing a lot of attention on the quantity of plasticine needed (which is not much) and the shaping on the tile. Next it was time for the children to try. They worked so hard to reference their drawn plans and they really took the time to think about the placement of the parts of their creations and the colours they were using to represent those. When their original plans were completed, Lolo took it to the next step by showing how to add details to their illustrations in the background. When she did this, some of the children naturally began applying a narrative to their illustrations. A said “ This is my robot…there is a pond there. I'm going to use the yellow and make some duckies, I need the orange for their beak!” R “Can I have some yellow? I want to make snakes…Look how many snakes I made. This is a snake making Robot” V said “I made the mountain and the cave for the Mommy bear, baby bear, sister bear and daddy bear to go in. This is the pond where they drink, I used blue for it. This is the Daddy bear, he’s a sad bear see (points to the frown) He’s sad because Mommy, sister, and baby are asleep in the cave.” I said “I made a rainbow, now I need to add a sun because you need a sun to make a rainbow” O said “I made a purple princess in her castle.” C said “ I made a sparkle unicorn, she has 5 legs and a really big horn.”

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin