Fun in the Sun Summer Camps

Schoolhouse Playcare Centre is proud to announce a new project that is being developed for our Kindergarten/School Age Programs this summer.

“Fun in the Sun” Summer Camps are being developed for the kindergarten/school aged children enrolled with SPC over the summer to enrich and enhance the children’s experience over the summer. We recognize that many organizations offer summer camps and we wanted to offer a similar experience for our families!

The camps are recreation-based and will be facilitated by the staff. Some of the topics that are being considered can include:

Visual Art, Science, Nature/Outdoors, Sports, Theatre, Dance, Crafting, Music and Wellness.

The camps will be offered as half-day sessions and will run over the course of a week. A calendar will be drafted and sent out to families, and children will have the opportunity to sign up. Each location will have its own schedule, so the children will be having their programming ‘in house’.

We look forward to sharing this new program with you! Stay tuned for further updates!

Don McMahon, RECE

Summer Camps Lead/Co-Ordinator

Summer Camp Website Update: Friday, July 28th/2023

Hello everyone! The Summer Camps are in full swing and it’s hard to believe that we are already nearing the end of July!! The phrase “time goes by fast when you’re having fun” certainly holds true with the camps, and summertime in general!

As previously mentioned, the main purpose behind the development of the Summer Camps was to offer a variety of activities and experiences for the Kindergarten/School Age children that are with us over the Summer. This is meant to complement the programming that is already happening; and offers an option for children and families who are not able to utilize other recreation-based programs in the community. In addition, the camps are giving an opportunity for our talented staff to share and showcase their skills, too!

Here are the Camps that have happened so far (or wrapping up as of Friday, July 28th):

St. James: Art (led by Selena), Drama (led by Cameron), and Dance (led by Liz)

St. Martin: Dance (led by Liz), Cooking (led by Natasha) and Drama (led by Cameron)

Westmount: Photography (led by Alesha), Cartooning (led by Megan), and Sports (led by Abby)

And, the reviews are in! Here are some of the quotes given by the children:

“It was the best thing ever" “I liked the stop motion (photography)” “(I liked) learning new dances” “(I liked) playing games” “(I) played a little movie, just a little play” “We all had ideas and Cameron put it together”

For the month of August, here is what’s happening next!

St. James: Cartooning (led by Megan), Science (led by Lina), Photography (led by Alesha), and Puppetry (led by Don)

St. Martin: Math and Nature (led by Reena), Photography (led by Alesha), Puppetry (led by Don), Sports (led by Abby), and Science (led by Lina)

Westmount: Ukrainian Dance (led by Jess), Math and Nature (led by Reena), Drama (led by Cameron), Science (led by Lina) and Puppetry (led by Don)

We are looking forward to another exciting month with Camps!

Don McMahon, RECE

Summer Camps Lead/Co-Ordinator