Infant Program

January 2022

This month the children have been excited for songs and stories in every way. We have been incorporating gatherings into our daily routine. As soon as the children see our special story box they run to the carpet and sit right down in anticipation. As we pull the box out of the cupboard, the children often yell “YAYYY” as they gather together. Others have double fist pumped the air showing just how excited they are.

We have been working on getting more resources and adding to our repertoire of songs. We have incorporated the children in helping to create these resources by painting little peg people that we will use in our weather song and coloring some new stories with them.

It is important to us for the children to be part of making these resources as it shows them they are valued as part of our little community to create and make their own. It also will build a sense of respect and ownership for the materials in our environment knowing they helped create them. The children also have their own felt board and story pieces to use and have been doing the ‘brown bear brown bear story’ holding up the props and saying “what do you see?”

Nicole Heath RECE

Carly Baratta RECE

Madison Myefors RECE