School Age Program

november 2021

This month we have seen the children work very diligently on their incredible miniatures! They’ve been re-purposing boxes and pieces of cardboard to make multi-level creations complete with stoves, beds, couches, TVs, paintings, and all sorts of important little details. T says, “it’s got a floating bed, a playroom and a tiny kitchen, oh and a tent!”

M creates a house with three floors by hot-gluing and taping pieces of cardboard together. She makes a miniature version of herself using popsicle sticks and string for the hair, and draws the face on with markers, “It has a seat, a bed, a kitchen, a spa... I needed a dollhouse for my doll”. We bring more boxes and materials for the children and watch as they add more and more to their houses. As Christmas nears and our room is visited by elves, we watch the house creations turn into elf houses! We can’t wait to see how these creations evolve throughout the rest of the year!

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Ella Saukko Sved Early Childhood Assistant