School Age Program

May 2023

This month we began a fun project, what's better than some arcade games! A fellow educator brought in large boxes and we began brainstorming what the children can create. The idea of skee-ball came up and we got right to work! As we began cutting up the boxes during the program, the children slowly but surely came forward with curiosity and seeing where they could help. M.M and L.G began making a sign, introducing the game to our group and adding some fun illustrations. The following day our morning crew started painting the cut out pieces with blue, yellow, red, and lots of glitter! In the afternoon we began assembling the game with hot glue and lots of ideas from the children on the best ways we can keep it up! We had to make a point system so L.R began talking with the other children on how much each of the slots should be worth. They came up with getting either 10, 50, 100, or 1,000 thousand points! This activity has been a huge hit in our room! There are scorekeepers who keep track of the points and switch out with other children when they feel like playing! We are very excited to make more arcade games with the children :)

Cameron Hansen, Educator

Liz Brock, Educator