Nursery School

april 2023

Inspired by the art materials provided, E.Q. wanted to make “flowers” like her dad had shown her. After requesting larger pieces of tissue paper in a variety of colours E.Q. got to work. At first, she tried cutting the tissue paper into small circles like her dad had taught her, however this proved to be a difficult task and she was becoming a little frustrated with the process as she was unable to create the flowers she had envisioned. With a little help from the educators and some trial and error, E.Q. came up with a new plan. By tearing a small piece of paper and crumpling it into a ball, she placed it on the paper with a little glue, after repeating this several times E.Q. created a beautiful “Garden” to her liking!

It was wonderful watching E.Q. going through this process. Even though she became frustrated with not being able to re-create the “flowers” she had made with her dad she was able to persevere with her idea, ending up with a magnificent piece of art.

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO C

Paige Cameron, Educator