Toddler Program

december 2021

Over the course of the month the children have been conversing about the many different moments they have been experiencing outside of daycare such as; decorating their Christmas trees, watching the parade of lights and even getting a phone call from Santa! As a team we provided a variety of mediums in our program to support the children's interest and being able to reflect and look back at these moments. The children helped set up the SPC Christmas tree in our hallway and everyday we get to look out our door at the tree. We have placed pictures and quotes that the children have shared on the tree as well for our team to see the excitement and special moments the month of December has led our program into.

We have involved the children in our window painting game! Creating reindeer hands and allowing the children to see the different perspectives that each piece of artwork brings into the window. We have had great parent involvement with our program and really value our parent relationships both in person and email. Our families sent in pictures of their Christmas tree, their child at the parade of lights and a family even created a Christmas tree collage for their child of the week.

We really have had a wonderful month of December and we wish everyone the happiest of holidays!

Sayshell Brown RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE