School Age Program

august 2023

LL, MT, and other children found that there was water run-off from the sprinklers going all over through the yard. The boys came up with a plan to make a path for the water to run directly to the drain. The next day they came with tools and a plan. Each child had their jobs they had to follow so the plan ran smoothly. Some jobs included pushing the water through the “rivers”, opening and closing the dams, and LL was the manager of the whole project.

The next day, the boys told me they had to go outside as soon as possible so the dams don’t overflow and break. Of course, we went out and everyone went to work to make sure the dams ran smoothly and efficiently.

LL took his manager role very seriously, giving people jobs and saying things such as…

“Go watch the river”

“We’re letting it go”

“Stay at your spot, and close the dam”

The children enjoyed the large scale of this experience and getting their hands dirty. As the water started to dry up and the sprinklers got turned off, the children said that their job was done.

Liz Brock, Educator

Cameron Hansen, Educator