School Age Program

January 2023

Getting creative with boxes...

After many requests to paint, draw, and design boxes this month, we brought in various boxes for the School Agers to create with. Their ideas were brilliant and their creativity was through the roof! Some students made their favourite characters such as a SpongeBob head, and a Bluey design. S. M created a robot named “Beep Boop” and it turned out looking super awesome. B.V., L.G., E.P., and D.P. created a toy drive box. “We can put all the toys we don’t use anymore inside of the box for kids who don’t have any toys”- B.V. The School Agers began brainstorming what they can contribute to the box, and even asked if we could donate some toys from the daycare! They were very proud of this project and took the box around to show off to all of their teachers and classmates.

Sarah Whithouse