Kindergarten Program

october 2022

“Things are getting pretty spooky here at daycare” After introducing a pumpkin to our environment, the children began planning what they would carve. We made pumpkin templates so the children could sketch out their designs. One child asked if he could hang his pumpkin on the board; the other children thought that this was a great idea and they wanted to hang theirs too. We added all our pumpkins to our bulletin board, but this wasn't the end. The children decided we need to add more to our bulletin board to make it spooky for Halloween. “We need to keep adding to our board until Halloween!” The kindergartens and grade ones have been making the spookiest decorations that they could think of! They made everything from spiders, ghosts, monsters and more! All the materials needed were requested by the children: they needed scissors, tape, markers, cups, black, orange and blank paper which they used to represent their thinking and make their ideas come to life. The children have been talking and learning more about Halloween all October long, every day adding more to our Spooky Board. We can't wait to see the final result!

Happy Halloween!!!

Alesha Spirk Educator

Manpreet Kaur BSc BEd MEd