Preschool Program

august 2023

As we end the month of August we would like to thank all of our families for the support and their involvement with our garden exploration and the wonderful produce we received from you.

We received cucumbers from both A.S. and G.P. The children were really excited to explore different ways to cut them and serve them to each other.

“It's hard”- L.G.

“They are tricky to cut”- G.P.

“My knife is slipping”- A.S.

We received raspberries from W.R. and L.G. which we took turns cleaning, and making raspberry sundays and lemonade with. W.R. also brought in some homemade raspberry jam for us to use on one of our morning pancake snacks, which all of the children were really excited to taste.

Carrots were brought in by G.P. and children explored their texture and different sizes.

“They are crunchie”- R.A.

“Ya they are crunchie on my teeth”- C.M.

“Some are big and some are small”- J.D.

Peas were brought in by M.H. and the children were excited to open them up and see what was inside. “They are so small”- A.S. We even had some home grown cherries thanks to A.S. who proudly bright them in for his friends to taste. We would like to thank all of you for your support and also for all of the wonderful garden photos which are currently up on our board in the room. We are excited to enter the month of September as we get back into the regular routines and unfortunately say goodbye to some of our friends as they continue on their journey into school. We wish you all the best and know that you are going to do great things!

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT, Jen Kesner RECE, Wasantha Wanodani BEd SNE Post Grad Cert in Ed ECE ECD