Toddler Program

november 2021

Exploration of sound has been heard throughout our room the past few weeks and we have explored and added to our environment to further expand on this. This was first initiated from 'C' and 'L' exploring different ways to paint on our easel together as they tapped and banged the brushes, which then expanded onto other area and things in our environment.

Today the Drumming continued as the children were excited to explore the different items and container that Carissa placed out on the table. 'C' really enjoyed the sound the tin cans made, as she repeatedly tapped on them over and over again. She then moved on to the larger drum to have a collaborative drumming session with 'L' as they both shared it together to create music. Where as 'Z' had a different idea of what he could do with the different containers and items. First, he tapped them and then moved onto stacking them on top of each other. He explored various ways to balance them and after several attempts he successfully stacked them and then tried to bang on them with the sticks. However, this was unsuccessful as they all came crashing down “Oh no, look”. This then encouraged him to try again and this caught the attention of 'J' who joined him. Together they stacked the different items and watched as they all fell down and created loud sounds, which was the most exciting part of the process.

Also, to further expand on the drumming Rachelle brought in some cymbals and triangles for the children to use. We also attached some to our climber for the children to explore.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Carissa Sanderson RECE