Holidays & School Closures

Weather & School Closures

When schools are closed in Thunder Bay or city wide closure due to incline weather, all of our centres will be closed. Parent's will not be contacted personally but should listen to their local radio stations for school closures.

On the first day of either a city wide closure or school closure, parents will not be reimbursed. On the consecutive day or thereafter of a city wide or school closure, parents will be reimbursed 50% of their fees for the day. 

All decisions of closure for the daycare will be made by the Director and Chairperson.


The Schoolhouse Playcare Centre observes the Lakehead Board of Education's School Year Calendar, including the following:

  • Labour Day
  • Christmas Break
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • March Break
  • Easter Monday
  • Family

Day care is provided on all PA days . If you require full day service on PA days please ensure that you have filled this out on your child's application. If you have registered your children for PA days and your child is sick or not attending for other reasons, it is still a day that you pay for as we have already made arrangements for staffing based on the PA day registration.