School Age Program

march 2022

Sensory Exploration!

This month our children have been exploring different kinds of sensory play! Our older children really wanted to explore slime making over the March break. One of the children tried to make some red slime adding lots of glue and water to see if changing the recipe would help, it ended up making the slime too watery to be used. The children explored other materials to add to the slime to make the perfect batch. “Let’s use a fluffy slime recipe with shaving cream to make the slime more stretchy!” - C. The children noticed their slime drying out as they continued to play with it and decided to find ways to keep the slime intact. “I need a bag to put the slime in so it can soak in water.” - T. The children ended up finding the perfect recipe and preservation method to keep their slime after the day was over.

We also explored water beads this month. The children really enjoyed mixing them, pouring them and watching them grow and shrink. A few children noticed that when you take the water beads out for a long time they will start to shrink. “Can I have a few to see how long they take to grow?”-P. Other children set some water beads in muffin tins to see how they would react differently to coloured water. Some children left the water beads in different sizes to fill different sized containers.

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Jennifer Kesner RECE