School Age Program

June 2023

Mixing colours!

Today in the school age room, the children were provided with different colours of paint, paintbrushes and some white paper to fuel their creativity. While a few of the children painted on the paper provided, a handful of children were curious what would happen if they were to mix all the colours together. A was the first to decide that he wanted to mix the colours together. He was surprised to see the colours all turn into one: “Look, I made grey!”

We wondered what colours he combined to create grey and A responded with, “Well, all of them!” We further asked him what would happen if we added black, and he decided that it would turn the mixture all black. Then, we asked the children what they think would happen if we added yellow as well to which they answered with, “Still black but let’s try it”.

The children added yellow to the mixture, and while mixing, A noticed that the yellow on the paintbrush “looks like Saturn! Doesn’t it look like Saturn, C?” With this, we are wondering if the children are interested in or curious about space and we will return back to this topic soon!

A was curious what would happen if we were to add glue to the paint mixture. So, the children added some glue and came to the realization that “it just made the paint stickier!”

Rylee Gemmell, Wasantha Wanodani BEd SNE Post Grad Cert in Ed ECE ECD