Infant Program

July 2023

As it is the start of the Summer program, we are welcoming in a new group of infants! When starting fresh with a new group of children, our main focus is to build healthy, trusting relationships with the children and families in our program. Building trusting relationships with the children and families creates a sense of security, mindfulness, and trust in your child’s educators! This is accomplished by having open and honest conversations with parents, having meaningful interactions with the children, as well as actively listening and following parents requests. One way that we have been building relationships with the new children in our environment is by making placemats with the children by laminating their beautiful paintings and placing their photo on it. By creating a placemat, the children will gain a sense of belonging and will gain a sense of autonomy. Other ways we have built relationships with the children are by actively engaging with the children during play experiences, celebrating the children’s accomplishments with them, as well as placing the children’s photos of their family around our room, such as on our family board or on our pet wall! We can’t wait to learn more about the new friendly faces that will be joining us this Summer!

Emily Merenda RECE, Miranda Lange RECE