Infant Program

november 2021

We have really been exploring light and all its properties over the past few weeks. The children have been using the overhead projector independently, making decisions on what they would like to explore on top of it. We have also started to explore light with flashlights. This morning we observed the children using their flashlights to shine on the ceiling. These items were creating shadows and casting reflections outwards creating really interesting patterns on the ceiling.

Some of the children noticed the beam of light exiting the flashlight, they tracked this beam with their eyes to the end and then noticed the beautiful patterns they were making.

Do you have flashlights in your home? How comfortable are you with them being part of your play at home? What fun things can you do with flashlight? We would love for you to share stories and pictures with us of your discoveries.

Tawni Johnston RECE BaBED, Amanda LeClair RECE, Kennedy Gemmel RECE