Nursery School

march 2023

Collaborative games such as musical chairs are a great way to build peer relationships. With several new children recently joining the Nursery School Program we thought we would introduce Musical Chairs to encourage more peer interactions, while building on turn taking and sharing. At first, we played the game in the traditional manner where you were eliminated if there was no chair for you to sit on when the music stopped, however, we noticed the children were having difficulty understanding their turn was over if they didn’t have a chair to sit on. We then adapted the game to encourage a more inclusive way to play this game. We continued to remove chair each round, but instead of being eliminated when there was no chair to sit on, we challenged the children to find a way to have a body part touching a chair. This was really challenging when there was only 1 chair and 11 children left…but they did it!


Paige Cameron, Educator