march 2023

A map of Thunder Bay was placed as a provocation on the table...“I live on Thunder Bay.” “You drive this way and this way.” The children use their finger to follow lines on the map. “I live far far away from you.” “This is the highway.” “ I live in Canada!” “OH CAAANNAADA...” OP started to sing O Canada “I have that song in my car,” she continues. “This is from hockey!” JD makes the connection from the song to a hockey game! WOW, the discussion around this map was so exciting.

This month the preschool program has been busy exploring the world around us, discovering maps, and where we live. To Explore this further, we have incorporated pictures of the children, and pictures from community walks to our environment and map. They are exploring the connections amongst each other through this media by noticing their "letter" on the map, where they live, and how close or far they are from the centre. We plan to further our community walk by including our families and adventure a little futher from the centre. What landmarks can we add to our map from this walk?? Stay tuned to see where this adventure will take us!

Megan Ahtila, RECE

Monika Currie, ECE