A flexible approach

The kindergarten program is designed for children 4 - 6 years of age. Our programming is based on longer term interests which usually have an ending. This could be done a number of ways and is usually decided on by the children, examples being; a three dimensional structure; a play or a party.

The children will learn how to problem solve, collect information and look at predicted possibilities. They will learn to arrive at a conclusion by deciding of all data collected, which theory provides the best answer to the question they have formulated or solution to their problem. They will develop skill in dialoguing with peers to best present their findings. 

Fee Schedule

Kindergarten Programs Hours Cost
Before School
$13.50/$12.00 / day
After School

$13.50/$12.00 / day

PA Day (bring your own lunch)
Full Day $38.00/$28.50 / day

These new rates start October, 2022
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Early Learning Child Care System.