School Age Program

february 2023

The children at Corpus Christi decided to showcase their talents in a self- run talent show. “Let's have a talent show on Friday”- A, “we’ll set up a stage and seats for people to watch”. The School Agers created a sign up sheet and posted it on the wall. There was a great deal of interest from the other kids. Next, that Friday they grabbed mats off of the walls along with some wooden blocks and created a large platform as a stage. They then set up a rug, unstacked some extra chairs and set up seats for an audience. Once the show began we saw some science, gymnastics, soccer, singing and dancing! We have such a talented group! It was wonderful to see the teamwork that made this entire event come to life. Some students faced their stage fright and performed in front of their friends which was so fearless and inspiring. Others duetted with siblings and/ or friends for support, and everyone cheered them on while they watched. Not only did everyone showcase their amazing talents, they also showcased their abilities to collaborate and work with one another in order to create an awesome production. Congratulations to all who were a part of our Corpus Christi 2023 Talent Show!

Sarah Whitehouse

Ashley Chiupka