School Age Program

march 2023

KB’s love for "holiday decorations" inspires the children to make a haunted March! This is how it started... One morning, KB brings in a plastic pumpkin, I ask him” Why did you choose to bring that pumpkin to school today” “Because I love decorations and holidays" he replies. The children grow curious about this pumpkin being in the environment as it typically represents "fall" and "Halloween".

Soon enough several children worked together to make a trap using plank wood and string. The idea gets others excited and fabric is brought out for costumes and large building blocks are used to make a walk through Haunted house!

We need scary characters in our Haunted House says IW. Through problem solving, It soon comes together!

IW puts fabric on her head and wears a glove to rub the shoulders of the those who pass by as they walk through the scary block structure. MB, JM, TQ and SS act as zombies with their arms out in front of them with creepy faces. It makes for an exciting rest of the week and reminds us of the importance of provocation in the environment and how it can inspire children’s thinking, creativity and spark new ideas.

I wonder what he will bring in next week!

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSW