School Age Program

april 2023

One of the main themes we’ve noticed in the room is the children’s interest in cooking/baking. So, we decided to make pizza a week-long activity this week. We started by first, researching recipes for pizza dough. After finding the perfect one, we all worked together to triple the measurements of the ingredients to make sure there was enough for everyone. The next day, all the children wrote out their ideas and toppings of what pizza they wanted to make. After everyone’s suggestions, we voted and chose four different types. On Thursday morning, we got to the cooking part. We started to make the pizza dough. Through this, the children learnt about the role of yeast in food—how and why it works. They monitored the way the dough rises and learned about how different conditions will affect the dough’s rising process. On Friday, it was time to add toppings and cook! In the morning, all the children worked together to make 5 different pizzas, with all the chosen toppings. One of the main things that the kids were taught while making is basic cooking skills. They had to measure the right amounts of ingredients to prepare the toppings. The kids were creative with their toppings and placed them in different patterns or shapes. After the toppings were added, the pizzas were ready to bake! In the afternoon, the educators put the pizzas in the oven so they were ready right when the children got here after school. Everyone loved the pizza! Teaching children through fun activities like cooking is a great way to bond with them while making sure they’re learning important skills in life. It also shows them that learning can be fun and doesn’t have to be something they don’t want to do. We cannot wait to make more pizzas and work together to try more new recipes!

While they were eating the self-made pizza, their expressions could be seen as a sign of confidence and happiness.

Reena MEd BEd BMath BSc & Tatyana Popovik