School Age Program

october 2023

This afternoon, two children use the large blocks to make a boat like structure, as their play develops, they soon conclude it is “The Titanic.”

The children use their imaginations adding fabric as costumes while inviting others to enjoy the legendary ship. Before long, they pretend to crash into an iceberg and one of the children yell out “we need lifeboats to survive.” They quickly make rafts out of blocks and fabric to save them before it sinks. This dramatic play continues the following day. However, I introduce a cardboard box. One of the children decides to create the Titanic from the box. He uses glue to adhere four smoke stacks and paints the bottom red and black, I wonder if it will float? he asks. To assist in his curiosity we go outdoors to find a large puddle, the child places it in the water, but soon his question is answered, “Its filling with water” can be heard and he quickly takes it out. With enthusiasm he recalls that the actual Historic Titanic split in half.

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSW