Preschool Program

January 2024

An interesting connection that we noticed this morning about the block structure, being used to create the dramatic play space this morning. Last week when the children had built their boat, we had talked about how they used the entire carpet space. Today, we noticed that the children once again did this, however they had followed the carpet shape, creating more of a “circular shape”. This makes us curious.. Observing it the children were very intentional with how they placed the blocks along the edge of the carpet.. Were they intentional of this last week as well and we just didn’t see it as the carpet had always been a rectangle? We plan to add smaller materials to one of the tables to see if the children will create the same ideas, using a variety of different shapes, and jenga blocks. Stay tuned as we continue to explore this further.

Using the entire block space the children work together to enclose themselves inside, standing the blocks up vertically. Adding the steering wheel to the side, AT, and ND begin driving the boat.

“The wolves are coming!! They’re chasing the boat!” - ND

“Our motors not working!”- AT

“Distract the wolves!!” ND ventures off to go press on a block making a buzzing sounds.

“The wolf den! The wolf den is over there!”- ND

KW, and AT notice the gaps between the blocks on the boat.

“There’s a crack!!”

Megan Ahtila, RECE

Lynette Spicer, Educator

Harmeek Kaur, Educator