Toddler Program

July 2022

As the construction work has been continuing outside our playground, the children reflected on what they were seeing happening as we ate our morning snack. We discussed bringing clipboards, paper and pens out for the children to explore sketching which is a different way of portraying their thoughts and ideas.

Once outside, the children ran straight to the fence-line to see the changes at the worksite. We set up a blanket and the clipboards with paper and pens attached. Soon after the children came over and the artistic expression began. Here are the words and actions of the children as they sketched their surroundings:

M- “beep beep”

A- “beep”

M- “digger!”

B stands along the fence-line watching the excavator moving it’s bucket, scooping and dumping “excavator”

A- “digger” as he explores placing his pen through the hole on the clipboard clip

M - “digger boo”

N- (walking around the fence-line making marks on his paper)

A - “yay!” (makes a mark on his paper)

E - “it a digger” (then goes and follows Nick with her clipboard)

A- “uh oh…digger…colour” as he makes more marks on his page

M- “hat…boo boo” points to the workers

A - flips to a blank page on his clipboard “uh oh”

B- “truck!” watches as the dump truck comes back for more dirt

M - “a chuck..a chu chuck” “bike” as he makes more marks on his paper

A - “buh bye, digger”

We will reflect on these sketches with the children in small groups later in the week!

Natasha Agostino RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE