New Intergenerational Program

We are excited to announce that a new Intergenerational Program has been established in collaboration with Hogarth Riverview Manor and our Elsie MacGill school location!

Hogarth Riverview Manor is located on 300 Lillie St N which is an 8 minute walk from our Elsie location. The original building was established in 2004 holding 96 beds and once the expansion was finished it can now accommodate 480 beds.

What is an Intergenerational Program? An Intergenerational Program is where we collaborate and plan monthly experiences along with the assisted living facility for each age group to enjoy with the seniors. The relationships and connections made during these experiences benefit both the children and seniors alike. Intergenerational connections can help both older and younger people feel cared for and valued, which in turn helps make our community stronger. Also, a big part of our Reggio inspired philosophy is incorporating our community into our curriculum planning.

Prior to our move to Elsie, we had developed a wonderful partnership with Pinewood Court during our time at our old Grey Street location. This partnership lasted 14+ years! We are beyond excited that we were able to create a new connection with Hogarth.

What types of activities will we do? The possibilities are endless! We will have to be creative right now due to their Covid restrictions being high, so we will need to think outside the box on ways we can foster our new relationship without actually going into the building.

If you have any ideas please feel free to share them with your child’s educator, we would love to hear them!

There will be a photo release/virtual participation form following this letter in the event that we plan any virtual or in person experiences where documentation takes place.


The Schoolhouse Playcare Staff

In the past...

We have had 2 inter-generational programs happen in the past within our St. James school location and our Grey St. location. Our preschool program at St. James visited the residents of Roseview Manor and our Grey St. location visited Pinewood Court on a monthly basis. We planned various experiences for our children and the seniors to engage together and we travelled by city bus (which is always a wonderful aspect to the field trip). The photos below are of a past event, when we could visit in person, and was planned to be a water play event in their outdoor garden she pace. The children enjoyed splashing in little pools, a water sprinkler, as well as bubbles, balls and other gross motor games and materials. Enjoy some of our photos!