School Age Program

July 2021

Most of the month consisted of building social connections through multiplayer games involving rules such as two truths and a lie and show and tell where they were able to provide one item that is special to them and share how they got it, from who, where and why its special.

T shared her baby book with the group that her mom and dad made for her when her sister Madelyn was born. "Here is a picture of my sister and me at Christmas."

Most of the children brought Pokémon related items such as stuffed animals, toys, and cards. This specific topic brought the majority of the group together by asking questions about favorites and how to challenge/battle each card.

Dawson showing his Pokémon cards where quite a few others related to those being their “favorite” and some where surprised with how big his collection is growing.

We felt this experience helped build relationships by learning other children’s likes and interests by sharing to the group one by one. Also, being able to ask questions about why the items were close to them personally gave a deeper meaning and understanding of each other.

Cassandra Sheedy Early Childhood Educator

Hailee King Early Childhood Educator

Ella Saukko Sved Early Childhood Assistant

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW