School Age Program

July 2023

As a STEM challenge, the children created their own boats out of aluminum foil, popsicle sticks, and tape. With limited supplies, they were instructed to create a boat that can hold the weight of pennies. From here, we tested their creations one at a time to see which boat could hold the most! LL, KC, and some other children had the idea to layer the bottom of their boats with popsicle sticks. The group believed that creating the sturdy base will result in their boats being able to hold more coins! In third place we had JM with 35 coins, second place was ED with 91 coins, and first place was KC with 288 coins!!!! KC claimed he “had a fantastic time” and the children want to try it again and see how they can improve their boat structures!

Liz Brock, Educator

Cameron Hansen, Educator