Preschool Program

february 2023

Over the last week, we have been exploring some new materials for our light table.

LS was drawn to them right away and began placing the blocks strategically on top and beside one another. “This is my grader” he shared as he continued to work. “This is so it can grade, this holds the grady so the grady can not go on here. ”He continued to share “this is so the smoke can go.” “This is so the worker can sit.” (Angle block) The smoke comes out of the grady.”

“This so it can push big rocks when it is driving” (the long yellow block)

A few days later, LS went back to the light table and recalled that he made a grader before but can’t remember how it looked. He continued to build with his blocks and called it “my loader”. Later he referred to the construction books and showed his educator a photo of the “grader.” If you look close at the photo you can see all of the things that LS was talking about as he built his “grader” out of blocks (smoke, seat, and the part that pushes the rocks). LS as been representing his thoughts on construction vehicles through blocks and recalling what he has learned in the books. Great representations LS!

Megan Ahtila RECE

Lina Maclam RECE, BA BEd