School Age Program

october 2023

On a day when we were inside due to the rain, a few of the children decided to take charge and set up an obstacle course for the group. Hula hoops, yoga mats, and jump ropes were used to create the course. The children divided into two groups and even had their turn for some friendly competition to see which group could finish first. What was interesting was that there was no actual competing because the whole program was encouraging and cheering each other on. The older children were so kind and gave helpful pointers to the younger children on how to get through the course effectively. When parents came to pick up, the children took pride in the course and wanted to show off their moves before they left. At the end of the day, they were all helpful in tidying up the gym. They had a great time creating their obstacle course, building relationships with their peers, and working out some gross motor movement!

Keara Fiset, BA BEd

Swati Sharma, Educator

Abby Skok, Educator