Arrivals & Pick-ups

Being on time ensures the safety of your children

Young children are dependent on regular routines for their own sense of security. We recommend that established hours of pick up and drop off be adopted. When the child arrives, the parent/guardian need to notify a staff member of your child's presence. When picking up your child, the parent/guardian should inform the staff that the child is leaving. The above procedure is essential for the safety of all children. Unless otherwise arranged (phone call, note, or verbal), children will not be released to any person other than those specified on the admission forms. A person delegated by the parent/guardian will be required to show identification when picking up the child to verify identity.

If in the staff's opinion, the pickup person (parent/guardian or delegate) is not capable of caring for the child, ex. Intoxicated, incoherent, the staff will offer to call a taxi and contact the designate person listed in the child's file. If the pickup person still insists on taking the child with them then the staff person will notify the proper authorities, ex. Designate, Director, Police or Children's Aid. Staff who make that decision will write up an incident report to be included in the child's file, make a note of the incident in the daily journal, and call the Director and advise her/him of the situation.

Late Pick-up

We close our centre's at 5:30, please ensure that your child is picked up by that time. If in the event you cannot be there for 5:30 please make alternate arrangements for the pickup of your child. Any pickup after 5:30 is considered late and there will be a $25.00 charge.

Late fees compensate staff wages and cover other overhead fees incurred for this time. If this happens twice, you will be billed again the second time but after a third tardy instance within the ten month program (September to June), the hours of this program are obviously not working for you and your family, therefore services from Schoolhouse Playcare Centre will need to be concluded.