Infant Program

april 2024

Exploring the Children’s Curiosities with Birds!

In the month of April, the children have expressed a growing curiosity with birds! Initially, the children were curious about the movement of the birds, such as being able to fly, walk, and perch in trees. Whenever we are outside or out for a neighbourhood walk, the children are fascinated by all of the birds flying above us/past us! In the past few weeks, the children have been more curious about the different sounds each bird makes. The children have noticed some birds make a chirping noise, while others make a loud squawking sound. We have explored this interest by opening our windows throughout the day to hear the birds chirp, as well as playing different bird sounds for the children to gauge their interest. We have also been testing the children’s knowledge on birds, such as asking the children what different colours they think birds can be, if birds can be big or small, if they are fast or slow, etc. Recently, we introduced feathers to the children, as well as exploring a branch with a small bird nest on it! We have also included bird themed books in our reading nook to further the children’s knowledge on birds. I wonder how else we can further explore this interest? Maybe by creating a bird feeder or a bird house? Stay tuned…

Emily Merenda RECE, Miranda Lange RECE, Swati Limbachia B.A, BEd, M.A