Infant Program

february 2023

A continuation of modes of transportation...

We decided to continue our exploration of movement and transportation as the children are still very interested in the cars and wheels in our environment. Last month, we incorporated movement and vehicles into our art experiences, sand play, and with snow! This month, we expanded on their interest by combining vehicles and wheels with our water table! A few moments before we got the water table out, we noticed ‘M’ pouring a small amount of water from his water bottle onto a car that was in his hand! This tied in perfectly into the experience!

During the exploration, we noticed that the infants had many of the same ideas, but at times, very different ideas on what to do with the water and cars! ‘M’ immediately picked up where he left off and began scooping the soapy water and pouring it into the trunk of the car. “Are you washing your car?” we asked and he very excitedly said “YEAH!”. ‘M’ and ‘L’ engaged in parallel play as they both worked together to pour water into the trunk of the car! Afterwards, ‘L’ was very curious about the bubbles floating on top of the water! She scooped the bubbles with both hands and said “Bubbles!”. She experimented with the bubbles in various ways, such as rubbing her hands together and saying “Wash, wash, wash”, blowing on the bubbles, as well as clapping her hands together to make the bubbles burst out of her hands! ‘F’ explored the water by scooping and pouring the water using cups and the trucks, as well as making a big SPLASH using both of his hands! ‘C’ found our big wheel hiding at the bottom of the water table and decided to give it a good scrub! He took big handfuls of soapy water and rubbed it on the tire to make it squeaky clean!

With the nice weather making its return, we hope to incorporate some of their ideas into our outdoor explorations!

Carly Baratta RECE, Miranda Lange RECE, Emily Merenda RECE