School Age Program

october 2023

The children were on cloud nine after earning money through their lemonade sale and obtaining their desired new collection of toys and items for our room! It's so exciting to have a selection of new items for our room. The children are all enjoying it and exploring it thoroughly. A sense of accomplishment arose as they excitedly unpacked their musical instruments, toolkits, spiders, dinosaurs, sensory balls, art materials, balling set and punching bag. Each item was a dream come true and they couldn't believe they had made it happen with their hard work.

As a way of celebrating they had played their instruments enthusiastically and experimented with the tools they had at hand. Moreover, it is fascinating to see them practicing punches on the punching bag at the same time and taking turns.

The highlight of our month was the thrilling moment when we opened our new toys. It was a tangible reward for our hard earned money from the lemonade sale, instilling in us a sense of accomplishment, teamwork and joy that we cherish.

Reena M.Ed, B.Ed, M.Sc,

Tatyana Popovic: HBA Psychology, B.Ed.

Gurpreet Kaur: M.Ed, B.Ed, M.Sc , B.Sc.