Toddler Program

may 2023

Today we had a surprising moment this afternoon. We had just finished reading several books after the children had woken up from their naps. Arthur then glances up at our clock on the wall and says “the clock is telling us it’s snack time”. The educators glanced up to see the time and to our surprise he was right about what time it was. We responded “you are right, the clock is telling us it is time for snack, how about we go wash our hands?”. Elle was deep in thought and asked “how did the clock tell us it was snack time? I didn’t hear it”. We brought her question back to the group and some of her peers agreed that they didn't hear the clock either. So then we asked Arthur how the clock told him and his response was “I don't know”. I guess the mystery will be solved at another time.

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Natasha Agostino RECE