School Age Program

december 2021

The school age program was super excited with all the snow that fell this week! They were super eager to get out and play in the snow, but the beginning of the week was too cold. “Can we please go outside?” was a recurring question from I, A, and N. Since we couldn’t go outside we thought we should bring the outside inside! The children explored the snow inside with scoops and small containers. “Look at all the snow!”, said I. “It’s cold!”, said R. I was super excited about the snow being brought inside!

The children were really excited to decorate the room! “I need the beads!”, said R as she decorated the mini tree. “I have a Christmas tree at home!”, I said as he looked through the ornaments. “We should put the little trees all over the room”, suggested A. The children hung up a few snowflakes they made and continued to work on the window for the decorating contest

The children were so excited to go play outside in the snow! They built snow forts, had a snowball making competition, and took out the toboggans. “The snow is perfect for a fort”, said A. “I’ll race you down the hill!”, said N to B!