Preschool Program

may 2022

In our classroom, we have a book called “Mix It Up!” and the preschoolers have become extremely fascinated by it! The book is very interactive and focuses on colour mixing with various paints. Due to the children’s interest in this book, we decided to create our own “Mix It Up!” creations!

As a class, we followed along with one section of the book per day to create different pictures! For example, the first instruction of the book states, “With one finger take a little bit of blue…and just touch the yellow. Rub it gently.” The preschoolers then spread blue paint across their paper and followed along by mixing yellow paint with the blue paint.

“Mine feels slimy! I need to mix more blue.” said 'S' as she took a handful of paint and spread it across her paper. 'E' took a big scoop of paint using her fingers and said, “Rainbow. I have rainbow hands!”

'J' dabbed paint with his fingers and then moved his hand in the paint in an up and down motion and said, “Look what I’m making…a volcano!”

We are planning to do the final instructions of the “Mix It Up!” book with our families during our family celebration at the end of the month!

Natasha Agostino RECE

Emily Merenda RECE

Akansha Kaur Bel.ED.M/M.ed.

Cassandra Sheedy ECE