Preschool Program

october 2023

BUILDING Upon Our Connections With One Another...

Over the course of the month, the connections that the children have been exploring with one another, has been prominent in both our indoor and outdoor learning environments. Their focus has been centered around the different structures being made with various blocks.

Back in September, the preschool children were building boats and using their common knowledge around "boats" and "fishing" to connect with one another. The structures have slowly been making a transition to other common structures like “homes”. Including a variety of ideas, the children have been invested in each other's differences, and similarities when it comes to building, and incorporating their play into their own lives at home.

Using the 100 Languages we have explored these connections in a variety of ways.

Megan Ahtila, RECE

Lynette Spicer, Educator

Harmeek Kaur, Educator