Kindergarten Program

october 2023

One morning, DM drew something on the paper with a marker and asked her educator to join her on a "Treasure hunt!" She constructed two maps, “first one to find their way there” and the second one "to find their way back!” Then she said, “since we are pirates, we need to sing “YO HO HO, HERE WE GO!” DM led the way down the hall through "swampy alligator infested waters", where she ended at her cubby; "X marks the spot!!" She drew a little house to represent our starting point, the classroom, followed by an intricate pathway (lines) for us to get to the treasure. We wondered what encouraged her to draw a map to go on a treasure hunt. It is interesting how she had the whole plan in her mind and the markings on the page represented exactly what she was thinking.

Manpreet Kaur, Educator

Rylee Gemmell, Educator