School Age Program

June 2023

What an incredible end to an adventurous year in the before and after school program. The children showed a lot of interest in celebrating the success of the year with ice cream sundaes complete with chocolate sauce and sprinkles! “What's a party without a lot of balloons?" It was especially nice when Mr. W showed a few of us how to make balloon characters at the end of the day!

Two of the children did a spectacular job at volunteering their time to do face painting on the children. Unfortunately the air quality took our celebration to the gym instead of outdoors but that meant hula hoops, music and games!

We are grateful to everyone who popped in to say "hi" and enjoyed a popsicle, a few kind words and a laugh. The success of the program starts with your support and involvement.

Thank you kindly for all the donations we have received this year to help meet the children's creative outlets. We are also excited to complete our collaborative hand print picture to put up in our room to showcase the unity of the children.

We are eager to start our summer program on Monday July 3rd and for those not attending, we wish you a wonderful Summer and hope to see you back in September!

Cristy Kuokkanen, SSW

Manpreet Kaur, BSc BEd MEd